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03 August 2009 @ 05:28 pm
If you were to make a time capsule today to be opened in 50 years, what would you put in it?
14 July 2009 @ 04:13 pm
Last night's show on Coast to Coast featured noted author, Budd Hopkins, in which the topics discussed were aliens, abductions, and Budd's life story basically.  George also took open lines following the discussion with Mr.  Hopkins.  Later, George Welcomed guest,  William Forstche, with the discussion of EMP's and EMP attacks from sovereign nations. 

Overall an interesting show.  I personally have been following Budd Hopkin's career for a few years now and it was good to hear what he had to say and get some updates with him.  My disapointment-- they didnt do anything but MENTION his book "Witnessed."  Good for Budd Though, he seems like he has things in order. 

EMPs are scary.  Electro Magnetic Impulses-- The complete annihalation of all electrical equipment ... what about solar EMPs and not those from other nations?  Perhaps an X Flare were to hit earth and send out an EMP distrupting all communication systems, cars with computers in them, electricity, ect....what would YOU do?!  Can you imagine what kind of panic there would be?  And if something this size were to hit the US or the world, it could possibly take months, even YEARS to get things back to normal.  I think its time to start investing in solar power generators folks!  It's sad it's come this far but , I think we should start thinking about this.  The United States, as we know, may or may not have (im leaning towards not) the control or the status the world has since come to recognize.  I think it shows and I think that these unfriendly countries may be picking up on this.  If this is the case, then this is obviously closer than what we all hope.  Don't get me wrong, I have confidence in my country and am devoted to it, but I think this is a matter in which we may want to keep a fresh eye on.  Somewhere, sometime, some country is going to pop the ' war on US soil' cherry. 

Tonight's show is certainly going to be interesting, Travis Shortt will discuss his recent findings with Mothman sightings/research and how different winged creatures may tie into cultural characteristics--Get ready for that! 


Member of Streamlink yet?  You should be, and for just a few dollars a week, you can have podcasts of previous shows, participate in live chats with guests and hosts, and have the capability to download previous shows mp3 style!  Personally, the podcasts are wonderfull!  Can listen to Coast any time!   Can you tell I'm a proud supporter of Coase?  :) It's your turn.  Simply go to www.coasttocoastam.com and click on "Sign up"


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03 July 2009 @ 11:07 am
It's blockbuster season in movie theaters. What was the last movie you saw?

My most recent extravaganza to the theater featured the new hit movie, "Public Enemies," starring Johnny Depp and Christian Bale.  Needless to say, if it wasn't for those two, this movie would simply be a B Moive.  I'll tell you why.

Typically in cinematography, directors do not stay 2 feet away from the characters the whole movie.  PE featured that and made it very difficult to follow, especially during action scenes. 

Also, the content in the movie at some parts are completely off.  Take for instance the beginning.  John Dillinger did not break his friends out of jail..he was in jail himself at a different location. 

The movie seemed to repeat itself at least 3 times in the movie.  Leaving me to fall asleep at least 2 times. 

High hopes for this movie lead me to disappointment; and I give this movie:  4/10 stars.

Do not pass go, do not collect $200!

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22 June 2009 @ 04:09 pm
Good evening, morning, afternoon -- wherever or whenever you may be reading this.  Hello everyone!  It has been a while since my last entry... A few things to touch on this segment, however trivial the subjects may be.  And feel free to drop your input.  I'll leave this one open to all people who want to contribute....

Are you familiar with OBE's?  Yes, I'm talking about Out of Body Experiences.  Are you familiar?  If not, I encourage you to google search and do a little research on the subject.  Personally, I think they are fascinating.  Also, take a look at this site www.near-death.com/experiences/paranormal11.html I think you'll find it just as fascinating!   Coast to Coast often covers such stories;  You should definitely check them out and follow guests as well:  www.coasttocoastam.com/  I may not know much about the topic, but it is certainly fascinating and I encourage everyone to take a look at it.  Reports mention it's extrordinary

I often wonder what will become of me.  I think it haunts all of us sometimes.  I use the word 'haunt'  in a particular sense of someone beckoning the question, "What would you like to do with your life?"  .... Ever feel like you're meant for something more than what you perceive you will end up?  For instance, you can picture yourself as a doctor or a radio broadcaster or technician, but in reality when you look at what you have done this far and compare yourself to those around you, the mediocracy tells you, "Your gonna be average kid."  It's kind of frustraiting, however, deep down I know destiny will prevail, I just hope I recognize the opportunities when they arrive. 

I had an epiphany today....while at work,  I did something I really havent done before.  First of all, let me say  I realize I become bitter and impatient sometimes.  However, today, I found myself comming to peace with myself.  I know that seems strange.  It can compare to that of a 'soul cleansing' if you will.  After reviewing the previous paragraph in which I often do....I told myself "This is it... you either can be mopy and disconnected--unconfident...the usual." I think that is contributing to being tired all the time.  "OR, you can tell yourself that everything is ok;  living, breathing, financial stability, happiness.  It's all GREAT and there's nothing to worry about.  I said, it's time to get out of the frump and beat whatever may be influencing these attributes that are limitting life as I know it. "  The day did feel different afterwards....seriously.  I know it sounds crazy, but hear me out.  There was a certain vibe to the day that brought smiles and joy in whatever I did.  Even when trivial things went wrong, I never let it bother me (something new for me!)  For this, I found I was happier and much more in tuned with what was going on around me.  I encourage everyone to take at least 10 - 15 minutes tonight and just tell yourself that no matter what, everything is going to be ok, and be confident that if something bad does happen, let your patience prevail... its all part of the learning process in life .. .at least that's the way I have begun to look at it.  I don't know what you call this technique...whether its spiritually healing or whatever... just know, it works and it helps!  You will see that others will see it too!  No, I'm not crazy.  I'm just trying to help and be ensightfull. 

Indeed...it's about that time again....the annual Schererville Festival!  And yours truly...gets to work it.  How exciting :)  If you're in the area 06/25 - 06/28, stop in at the fest grounds and see the crew hard at work doing what we do best! --- Garbage duty. 

That's pretty much it for my endeavors for the rest of this week.  So there you have it, Look for my next entry later this week! 


In Coast to Coast news:

-On Tuesday's show... Look for a special guest to talk with George Noory!

-Wednesday's show is sure to be a good one:  George Noory will be joined by Author and Tarrot card reader, Scotty Roberts as they discuss Hauntings and Demons.  Definitely DON'T wanna miss that!

-On Thursday Linda Moulton Howe is back!  She'll discuss with George:  Cat Mutilations, Crop Circles, mysterious lights,  and UFOs!

-And on Friday look for the return of Art Bell!  He will host a special night of Coast to Coast as he welcomes in Senior Scientist at the Institute of Noetic Sciences, Dr. Dean Radin.  They will discuss ESP and mass consciousness studies.


Recommended Books:

"The Loch"
by Steve Alten  - www.amazon.com/Loch-Steve-Alten/dp/076536302X/ref=sr_1_1
"Communion"  by Whitley Strieber - www.amazon.com/Communion-True-Story-Whitley-Strieber/dp/0061474185/ref=sr_1_1
"Worker In The Light:  Unlock Your Five Senses and Liberate Your Limitless Potential"  by George Noory - www.amazon.com/Worker-Light-Liberate-Limitless-Potential/dp/076534940X/ref=sr_1_1

Thanks to George Noory and the C2C crew for their contributions!  Their efforts are a HUGE inspiration.  

And thank you to the readers!

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30 April 2009 @ 09:50 pm
Are you worried about catching the swine flu? Do you have a plan for avoiding contagion or dealing with quarantine?
I saw this and was like.....uhh ok.... lol. I had to comment because  I know its going to be an increasing problem.  Someone will come up with something.  Of all the people in the world?  Oh yea , someone will come up with something for prevention.  I dont think its a huge ordeal--yet.  If anything, it will regulate the population.  I think the population needs to be regulated. There are too many mouths to feed here.  Still...people insist on procreating and contaminating the world.  For what?  They have kids and then they bitch and complain and make their parents raise the kids...its horse shit...you know what im talking about...the people on jerry springer and maury and whatever.... these people have to go.  only 2% of the freshwater on earth is drinkable and i dont want to waste it on insubordinate, unappreciative, egotistical, peices of swine meat.  Ok... i have said enough :)
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20 April 2009 @ 07:12 pm
I feel I have fallen victim to procrastination.  In my quest, I will attempt to update you on the weekend and all that may lie ahead for me this week.  Whether it will be good or bad has yet to be answered.  So far, so shaky. 

The weekend started with a bang.  Family game night started ok, then slowly deceived me;  Starting with Carter (my 4 year old nephew) deciding to feed my fish ALL of my fish food.  I spent most of my time playing savior to my fish as the ammonia levels were sure to kill the poor things.  Took me about 3.5 hours to clean out  my 55 gallon tank.  Shortly after, Gi gets an unfortunate call from her brother that her father was being taken to the hospital.  Later to find out he had a minor heart attack.  After spending most of the night at the hospital, Friday came to a sudden close.  Saturday seemed to start of sluggish as well.  Gi went to work and was upset.  I thought I would spruce her day up with some flowers and a card, mysteriously placed in her car for when she got out of work.  After that brigade, it was time for game 2 between the Hawks and Flames!  GO HAWKS!  HAWKS WIN!  Currently up 2-0 over the Flames.  Just 2 more wins and we sweep!  Sunday....Just hung with Gi and watched Rest Stop...shitty movie.  lol

Today...bleh...today was just as shitty as that movie.  I woke up early only to drive my 150 miles back to my apartment and then go straight to class.  After class, met up with Julie and Harry to work on our C++ test....same test , same answers--Brian still gets the lowest grade.... I dont understand.  I think my luck has finally ran out.  On a lighter note, i found out I'm back to work on May 20th!  

Anyways, I have a paper and two projects to work on and I believe I have procrastinated long enough and bitched enough.  Thanks for listening.

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17 April 2009 @ 10:59 am
What song would you choose as the theme song for your life?
The theme song of my life.....hmmmm.  Alot of people would say the  X File theme , but what fun is that?   I guess it would be Bryan McKnights "win"  with a little bit of "rock and roll all night" by kiss and random Jack Johnson songs.  I guess.  For now, these will do, they were the first ones that come to mind. 
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17 April 2009 @ 10:25 am

So woke up this morning not wanting to.  How original right?  I wish.  However, I wish alot of things.

So, Hawks won last night 3-2 over Calgary in a HELL of a game that went to overtime and then Havlat scoring a goal 15 seconds into Overtime to allow the Hawks to take game 1 in the best of 7 series against the Flames.  GREAT start fellas!

School....test today...online..30 mc....yippadeedodah.

Game night tonight at my house in Chicagoland.  Should be an interesting time. 

Curently at work...again.  I have a feeling most of my entries will be while I'm here waiting for calls for help.  Yes, that's my job description....to support unnappreciative (in most cases), ego-centric, impossible, rude, and obnoxious staff, faculty, students, and everything in between in all of their computer troubles.  One lady wanted me to reset her router for her.  Being we are 100 miles apart, I don't believe that would be possible.  Since this is where I am most of the time, I have alot to say about it.  Next semester will be different.   I can go on and on with this, but for your sake, I'll stop here.

I forgot, PAY DAY TODAY?  We musn't forget about the fortunes that life provides us.  It may come in small doses, some smaller than others, but any rate, its  important to embrace the opportunities and successes life may bestow upon us...after all, its all we have--the last line of defense. 


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16 April 2009 @ 09:54 pm
Hi there, welcome to my journal and thanks for reading.  For my one viewer so far anyways.  Hopefully this journal will become more popular as time goes on, but for now, hello and thanks to my one reader! 

What am I doing?  I'm currently sitting at work...listening to the Blackhawks and the Calgary Flames go at eachother.  It's 1-1.  I thought I would mark this event since it's the first time the Hawks have been in the playoffs since 2002 I believe.  So they deserve a spot.  GO HAWKS!  What else am I doing?  Putting up with annoying phone calls as people call for password resets.  It seems trivial, but after the 10th call..it becomes quite redundant.  I'm also chatting with friends and I'm sure I'm putting them through the same hell as they watch me on my web cam engaging in all of my activities.  We should call this Brian's Help Desk Station Network.  Or something....Im open for suggestions anyways.... and I may be rambling...it's my journal, get real.

You know, I often think that perhaps we have it all wrong? Humans that is.  Maybe we have it all wrong on a few or alot of things.  I often look at things that people do everyday and try and decifer of why they do that.  NO , it's not psycology, its just essence of life.  I'll explain.... sure now we are all equals, men and women...but in the past, women were always subordinate to men.  But what about before then?  Were men subordinate to women?  I wouldn't doubt the fact that women once ruled the world.  I know how this may sound.  But think about it. A man tends to every woman's needs (most guys...the right guys).  Proposals are left to the male and to pretty much get on one knee and begging for her to take his hand.  A guy is out with his friends, "Hey Mike, lets go see a movie."   Mike:  "Ah, no thanks guys...I have to get home to the wife."  Who really wears the jeans?  I don't necessarily think of it that way.  However, I lean towards the man being the protector--the bodyguard of the leader--in this case, the woman.  Make sense?  Don't ask why I brought this up, I just think it's funny--- Im random, what can I say?

So another phone call of a reset.  Stupid people.  I repeated myself 3 times and they still asked what I had just told them.  I understand comfirmation but common people!

End of period 2 of the Blackhawks game.  Hawks 1 - Flamers 1. 


Other things are to be expected.  This weekend should be interesting.  Family night game night tomorrow.  My brother will be over for the last time until he is shipped to Iraq.  I wish him luck and will miss him!  KICK SOME ASS!  Gi and I will  be going out somewhere most likely Saturday.  Sunday... I guess I just relax.

Good luck to my best friend Brian.  Hes just bought his first house!  He has all the right things going for him!  I wish him luck and will be there to help when I can.  He's got everything-- great house, job, girlfriend, and toys.   Very proud! 

Finals are comming...bleh :(  Projects are due.  However one presentation down, one more to go!  Test this weekend in C++  , go me. 

Ok...more later.  Thanks for hanging with me.



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